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Printing and Embroidery Techniques

Here at Personalised Warehouse, we offer the very latest techniques to make your ideas come to life and help you make the right impression first time.

By offering a broad range of techniques, we are confident that we will be able to suggest the right method to suit your design and application. 

Embroidery is a stylish and creative technique which is sure to please all. It has a wide range of uses and can be used on garments and accessories and so much more! Embroidery is the process of using thread to apply a logo or design to an article of clothing or fabric. It involves an exciting machine, programmed specifically to each unique design, providing a smart and stylish look to all of our embroidered products. As embroidery is available for all types of garments, it is an excellent technique for your personalised design. From corporate clothing, uniforms, workwear and any other types of clothing, the selection is huge and is suitable for all! The low cost of embroidery makes it ideal for large businesses and even for small personalised gifts. T-Shirt and Polo Shirt embroidery is a very popular choice as it gives a smart and stylish look to your products, however there is the opportunity to embroider all different types of garments, offering a wider range of embroidered personalised gifts for you to choose from Embroidery always produces a high-quality finish which is what all our customers want. It also is very stylish and sophisticated- given you the opportunity to look your best whatever the occasion. Plus it has excellent durability which provides that long-lasting quality product that everyone wants!

Vinyl Printing
Here at Personalised Warehouse, we offer the excellent printing technique of Vinyl printing which is a affordable and quick way to make your personalised clothing special. Vinyl printing is when a sheet of polyurethane (pu) vinyl is cut to produce a design which is then applied with heat onto the clothing. The artwork is required in a vector format which is produced in a software package. The machine used cuts out the designs you create from the vinyl sheets which are quickly and easily transferred onto your chosen products. Once the vinyl has been cut, each of your designs are weeded by our professionals so that all excess material is removed and that your products can look sleek and fresh. Vinyl printing is very versatile and can be used on lots of different pieces of clothing such as T-Shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and much more. You are also given the option to choose which style of vinyl you would like to use for your personalisation. There is a very wide range of options - from sparkly glitter to a metallic shine - and there are many different colours to choose from. There are endless possibilities meaning there is something for everyone. There are so many advantages to choosing vinyl printing as it is so versatile and quick to make whilst also providing quality products, with sleek looks. Vinyl printing is definitely the technique to choose if you want your personalised products to be stylish and to the quality that everyone wants!

Direct to Garment (DGT)
Personalised Warehouse offers the printing technique of Direct to Garment Printing (DGT). DGT looks fantastic on most pieces of clothing and is a very cool way to show off your style. Using the latest printing technology and expert skills, there is no doubt that DGT will disappoint you. DGT is the process of transferring full colour images of your designs onto your garments. DGT can be used on a wide range of colours and uses the latest printing technology to truly turn your designs to life. DGT is a quick process and can be applied to T-Shirts, hoodies and other clothing types. There are so many advantages to DGT as it can produce high-quality personalised clothing due to the fact that it produces full-colour designs. Plus, it can be used on all colours of garments which allows you to personalise your clothing to your style. And… it is very fashionable! DGT is definitely the printing technique to choose if you want a vibrant and cool design onto your products. The fashionable look it also gives makes it the choice for everyone!

Transfer Printing
We at Personalised Warehouse, offer the unique printing technique of transfer printing that make your products stylish and it is perfect for most designs. Transfer printing is the process of making your designs onto a special type of vinyl that can be used in light or dark coloured garments. Once the design has been transferred onto the vinyl, heat is applied onto the design along with the garment so that your product is stylish and has the quality that you want. There are so many types of vinyl too so that your designs can be transferred onto a wide range of garments. Transfer printing is an amazing technique to choose as it has so many advantages. It is a fast process and allows your products to be designed with full colour. Plus, the vinyl used is at a high quality which makes your products long lasting and durable. Transfer Printing is the technique for you to choose if you want high quality products which are durable and stylish.

Sublimation Printing
Everybody has their own personalities and at Personalised Warehouse, we offer sublimation which allows you to make a design that matches your personality due to the wide range of colours that can be used. Sublimation can only be used on white/ light colour garments, however you can choose to design your products however you like. This printing technique is perfect for T-Shirts, vests and sport clothing as sublimation is a light and vibrant printing technique. Sublimation is an amazing printing technique due to it’s stylish looks and impact it gives. It will truly make your personality stand out in the crowd. Sublimation is the must have option if you wish to show off your style whilst the product being light and cool to wear. It’s great for the summer too!