Case Study:  Collins Joinery

Case Study: Collins Joinery


Building brand awareness and a professional look for a commercial building contractor.


Our Client

For 25 years Collins Joinery & Building Contractors have been constructing a reputation for excellence on projects across the country. From minor building | 01707 660 377 adjustments to large-scale refurbishments they employ their skilled team to create stunning places of work.

Products ordered by this client

Polo tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, softshell jackets, hi vis tops, gloves, hard hats and safety trousers.

Four major orders and counting

To build a reputation it’s important to create a brand that’s both recognisable and seen, everywhere. Collins Joinery & Building Contractors, as with many in the construction industry, therefore wished to have their logo and messaging emblazoned across every piece of workwear and safety wear their workforce wear. From T-shirts to safety trousers and from hoodies to hard hats, they wanted them branded.


They had been with another supplier for a while, but, in 2019, when they came to reorder, the supplier let them down and they started to look around for a more reliable partner. Maybe one that could offer them a more affordable price, one that was always there, which could deliver at short notice when required and to any volume they needed.

As luck would have it, they found us. And, over the years, reordering every few months, they’ve ordered a total of…

  • 2,000 T-shirts
  • 2,000 polo tops
  • 1,000 swetashirts
  • 500 hoodies
  • 300 softshell jackets
  • 8000 hi-vis tops
  • 250 pairs of gloves
  • 100 pairs of safety trousers
  • 50 hard hats

They already had their logo designs sorted, but they needed to be imported into a format compatible with our embroidery machines. We did this and then supplied them with a proof to sign off on to make sure that every aspect of the logo design was as they would wish it to be.


Why PW?

Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint quite why a new client chooses to use our service, but we do like to ask, and in this case, it was simple… reliability.

Oh, and:

  1. Rapid turnarounds. We are typically able to go from order to delivery in three to seven working days for this client.
  2. Reliable suppliers and honest reporting. On the incredibly rare occasions that we have not been able to access an item or when there have been minor unavoidable delays they appreciate that we are completely upfront about this and offer solutions.
  3. Affordability. Our pricare hard to beat, no matter the volume of branded workwear and safety wear being ordered.

Of course, the clearest and most satisfying evidence of a job well done is when your customers refer you on to others who themselves then become customers. To date the lovely chaps over at Collins Joinery & Building Contractors have recommended us to three other construction firms and all three have subsequently become customers of ours