Case Study: Hounslow Urban Farm

Case Study: Hounslow Urban Farm


A very specific branded clothing order where beige was anything but bland.


Our Client

Hounslow Urban Farm is a fun day out venue. Located just moments from Heathrow Airport it has traditional farm animals as well as snakes, lizards, birds of prey, minibeasts and alpacas, educational talks on wildlife and conservation, owl flying displays and animal encounters – feeding and petting – with your favourite fluffy farm friends.

Products ordered by this client

T-shirts, polo tops, vest tops, sweatshirts and waterproof jackets.

Four major orders and counting

Earlier this year we were recommended to the Hounslow Urban Farm by a mutual connection. They wanted to change uniform suppliers and we were there to help. All the staff needed new workwear, from those who look after the animals and put on the shows and events to those in the café and those who maintain the grounds and enclosures.


This was a fairly standard order, modest in comparison to most, but we were happy to oblige

  • 40 beige polo tops
  • 20 black vest tops
  • 30 black T-shirts
  • 30 black sweatshirts
  • 20 waterproof jackets

All required the multicoloured alpaca logo of the farm embroidered onto them.

The only challenges we had were finding the right shade of safari beige for the polo tops and then converting the farm’s logo from an old format to one that was compatible with our state-of-the-art embroidering equipment. But once that was done the rest was plain sailing.


Why PW?

Why us? In this case the answer was simple. A former client of ours knew the chaps over at Hounslow Urban Farm and when they heard the farm was having difficulty getting hold of its former suppliers, they recommended us.

Of course it also helps that:

  1. We were able to source exactly the colour they were looking for
  2. Our garments were of the best quality
  3. Our prices were competitive
  4. And we were able to delvier in lighting time