Case Study: MyMedia

Case Study: MyMedia


From London to Amsterdam and New York, our branded clothing and promotional products have been building brand awareness for tech start-ups.

Our Client

MyMedia supports tech start-ups in their early-stage growth and marketing, developing innovative promotional solutions for their client’s businesses which, over the last 20 years, have included global market leaders such as the Meat Society, Transperfect and Nestle.

Products ordered by this client

Branded T-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, water bottles, tote bags, pens, beach balls, ice buckets, golf balls, golf towels and golf tees.

Four major orders and counting

Some connections happen by wonderful chance and this is one of them. In 2020 our contact over at MyMedia was literally searching Google for a local firm to supply their branded garments and promotional products, and up we popped.


Order #1

Their first order with us was for a client who was sponsoring the GlobalLink Exhibition in Amsterdam. It was a relatively modest initial order of 100 T-shirts. They supplied the artwork for their logo and we vinyl-printed onto the garments and delivered the finished items to their UK offices. From order to delivery was just three working days. They loved the quality and the speed of our service, so this set the foundations for a fruitful on-going working relationship.

Order #2

Due to Covid there was a two-year break between projects, but when they came back to us they wanted to do a brand awareness campaign for a client. And, because they knew they could trust us with such things they upped the ante.

This time their client was sponsoring the Elevate Exhibition, again in Amsterdam and they needed:

  • 250 branded pens
  • 500 branded tote bags
  •  24 branded ice buckets
  • 12 branded beachballs for a giant ball pit.

Order #3

A couple of months later they had a third order for us. Their client wanted to put on a corporate golf event in the UK, for which they needed:

  • 500 branded wooden golf tees
  • 72 branded pro v1 golf balls
  • 25 branded water bottles
  • 25 branded ball markers
  • 25 branded golf towels
  • 25 Nike Victory Golf Polos

Order #4

In June 2022 their fourth order was for a client who was looking to make its mark at the New York 5k Victory Marathon by sponsoring the event. For this they needed:

  • 250 teal coloured, client-branded, T-shirts for the runners each with five different sponsors’ logos printed on the reverse
  • 250 orange client-branded T-shirts for marshals at the marathon with ‘VOLUNTEER’ printed across the back.


Why PW?

Why us? It’s an important question that we never stop asking of ourselves and our clients so we can constantly look for ways to improve our service.

With this client we know exactly why. Initially, we were competing against another supplier they’d also found in their Google search. They were looking for a local company who could handle the volume of items they needed and we certainly ticked both those boxes. But what separated us from our competition was:

  1. Our commitment. We met face to face to talk through their needs and to listen to their wish list.
  2. Our expertise. We don’t just take orders, we offer advice on which items might work best for their needs and consult on artwork.
  3. Our price. We always look to offer the highest quality at the most affordable prices and this pushed our client’s decision in our direction.
  4. Our speed. From design approval to delivery in less than a week for their first order showed that they could rely on us, no matter the deadline.